D300S + 85 1.4 = Portraits

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Re: D300S + 85 1.4 = Portraits

I agree, she is a beautiful model and you have nice gear. I am sorry, but these are not that great portraits. The flash images are too harsh because of the strong, direct flash. You should bounce the flash, preferably from behind you in an angle. It would soften the light a lot and would not create those strong shadows. 3 and 4 seems to have been taken without flash and you seemed to have missed focus. Perhaps you don't have focus priority and did not wait for the focus to lock, perhaps you did the classical "focus recompose" mistake. At that wide aperture the "focus recompose" is not always working. Those two also appear to be overexposed, which may not present a big problem is you shot raw.

Anyway, I would call here and ask here to come once again for a re-shoot session. Just tell here that the images aren't as you expected them to be and that you will take a new series. I am pretty sure she won't mind and I am also pretty sure the second run would be considerably better. You can fix a whole lot through PP but I think re-shooting is the answer.

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