Sekonic L-758D problems with reflected spot operation (?)

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Captain Hook
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Sekonic L-758D problems with reflected spot operation (?)

Got an Sekonic L-758D a few weeks ago and I'm trying figure something out about reflected spot operation.


If I choose 'ambient' mode (the solar symbol) and try to do a reflected object spot measurement (the Incident/Reflected Spot selector dial is on the 'eye' symbol), I always get a blinking 'Eu' (= Exposure Under) in the display.

It doesn't matter if I select T or F, and even if I set the ISO value on 8000 (!), it still displays 'Eu'.
(no, I didn't forget to remove the cap from the spot lens )

You might think there is something wrong with the sensor, but as soon as I select the 'flash' mode, reflected spot measurement does work!?

When I switch to 'incident' mode (using the lumisphere sensor) everything works like it should be. But I want to use the Sekonic for remote spot measurement.

I'm I doing something wrong? Do I miss something? Help please...

-I already tried a new battery.
-I reset the Sekonic to its factory settings

-Even if I use a flashlight to lighten up the spot lens, it still says 'Eu'. But as soon as I switch to 'flash' (streak symbol) mode the Sekonic immediately sees the enormous amount of light.

-Regardless of any other setting I can think of, as soon as I use ambient reflected spot measurement, it always says 'Eu'. Switching to flash measuring mode and/or using the lumisphere sensor, everything works ok (?)

I don't get it anymore...

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