For the collectors, which cameras would you never sell?

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obie1 wrote:

My black-body Nikon F: it's my second Nikon F, and the first camera I purchased for myself. It's an all-mechanical marvel, and the case is nearly indestructible. Looking through the viewfinder is like looking through a picture window, compared to the viewfinders on the DSLRs I've used.

I love the convenience of digital photography, but none of the cameras I've owned have had the soul of these two. I can't really explain why. I should add that I've never owned or used an E-1.... sounds like I would have loved that one, too.


I have quite a few 35 mm bodies and lenses, including a Nikon F2, Nikon F90s, Nikon F4s, Nikon FM2, a Canon A1, and a Canon VT rangefinder. Of all those, my F2 is the camera I will never give away. It was made in 1980 and I bought it used in '95. The build quality is outstanding, and as you mentioned, an F (or F2) is a silky-smooth mechanical marvel with a killer viewfinder (I have a Brightscreen® in the body). They'll have to pry my F2 from my cold, dead fingers.

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