Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

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Re: Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

topgun2007 wrote:

Al, I'll not try to talk you out of getting Nikon if that's what you want because I believe that everybody eventually gets what they want regardelss of what other peoples opinions are. Just remember the old adage, "Be carefull of what you wish for, you might just get it". Anyway, here are some alternatives when it comes to Pentax lenses:

1. I would get the Pentax 17-70, f/4.0 instead of the Nikkor 16-85 which was made to be a kit lens and the build quality shows it. Also, I like using a lens with a contant aperture and f/5.6 is too slow for me at the longer end of the Nikkor lens.

2. I would try to find a FA 50, f/1.4. Have had one for years and it's still going strong. More of the a direct comparison to the Nikon 50 you have listed.

3. I would also try to find a FA 35, f.20. It is a very good lens and is still available in some countries. Great in low light, strong even wide open with very good bokeh. Not near as expensive as the 31mm Ltd. Got mine for $305 U.S. about a year ago. I highly recommned this lens.

Good luck in whatever you decide. Just thought I would bring these to your attention.

Regards, Jim

amen here.


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