S90 CHDK available

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Re: S90 CHDK available

I used the zip file from the autobuild server with 100C in the name, because my firmware is 1.00c and you don't want to use the wrong file.

Also, ERR99 posted newer files on the forum for PS.F12 and DISKBOOT.BIN and I used those to overwrite the files that were in the zip file on the server.

I'm still using the manual method for loading. I need to start with the camera turned off, then turn on in picture review mode, do the firmware update from the menu, and then tap the shutter button to get to picture taking mode.

The camera refuses to do a firmware update if the battery is low, even if there was close to 60% power indicated by CHDK. Hence, CHDK requires switching to a fresh battery.

Paul J Ruiz wrote:

OK, thanks. That seems to work. But how do I get it to self boot like the instructions call for on the CHDK site using CardTricks?

Believe it or not, I think you have to lock the switch on the memory card. During the boot process the camera uses the lock as a signal to boot off the card and then the lock will be ignored and you'll be able to take pictures just like normal even though the switch is always in the locked position.

I haven't actually tried this yet.

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