D300S + 85 1.4 = Portraits

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Re: D300S + 85 1.4 = Portraits

Agreed. Not saying it to be a total downer but these shots do not work for me. For me, I think that shooting that wide of an aperture will often throw the shots off. Now if you were above her and she's looking up so that you see her eyes perfectly and then everything else is cropped a bit or fading out then ok. The lighting in the first couple feels off because you have a very warm background that's lit well and then a more harsh flash on her face. I would possibly pull the flash off the camera and bounce it for a shot like that to get the lighting just right. The outdoor shots, nice poses, nice look, model looks very comfy, but the focus makes the photos unusable for me. Almost there though...couple corrections and you're good. Try shooting that same framing at f/5.6 or f/8 and see what happens.

Dantum wrote:

Got to say these portraits are not really that good. The subject is very nice and framing is not that bad, but you totally lost the focus. Photos look soft and actually couple of them are hard to look at because eye keeps looking for point of focus where there is none.

I say keep trying, you will get there.

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