For the collectors, which cameras would you never sell?

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For the collectors, which cameras would you never sell?

This is an off-shoot from the 14-150 OIS thread. I did not want to hijack it, so I started a new thread.

So I am kind of interested. How many camera collectors are out there? I know some here only have one or two cameras, a DSLR with the needed lenses and a smaller P&S for lighter carrying. They are the utilitarians, who don't get bent out of shape if the cameras get some dings or scratches in the field, it is about taking the picture, not so mcuh the gear.

And there are some (including myself) who can't stop trying/buying/keeping new or classic digital cameras. Once you have a camera and get used to it, it becomes very hard to sell it. There is a thrill of buying gear, call it an addiction maybe. There is joy of comparing the IQ output of this camera/lens vs that other one. There is a satisfaction in admiring the the engineering and feel of a certain model (for me the C8080 for example is a camera you just want to pick up and admire). there is challenge and major satisfaction when you are able to pull unexpected IQ from an older, now very cheap and forgotten model (like a C5050 or Ricoh GX).

Both of my grand-dad's were photographers. One was a professional who took group pictures of American soldiers stationed in Germany and the American fighter planes. His pictures were published in many magazines in the 50s and 60s. My other grand-dad was a camera collector. He had about every filter, every lens, every flash, every camera body you could get in the Minolta system. He was a collector, but also took damn good pictures on his many trips around the world.

So I guess I am somewhere in between. Trying to learn as much as I can to become a better photographer, at the same time I have a huge joy in collecting cameras (however, there is always a little bit of guilt associated with this). So after some soul searching (and looking at the $$$ situation) I am ready to sell off a good piece of my camera collection. Which ones to sell? Very hard questions.

Some of my prosumer classics include the Nikon C8400, Kodak P880, Olympus C8080. I don't use these hardly ever, these are the collector items. Instead I definitely very much use the CP8800 (best superzoom), Olympus C7070 (very best rangefinder type camera with top panel, amazing IQ etc.). and Minolta A200 (with the ACW-100 wide-angle converter that gives you amazing edge to edge sharpness). And there are the cameras that have sentimental value like the Ricoh GRD (which I actually won in a sweepstake type thing).

So first of all how many collectors are out there? I know of few through different forums, but I think Ben Hermann is the king of collectors, andI have followed his advice many times (he's kind of like my collector guru).

I asked Ben (Hermann) which, who has an amazing digital camera collection, which cameras he would never part with. So Ben I hope it is OK to quote you here:

Olympus E-1 w/Panny/Leica 14-150.
Olympus E-3 w/12-60
Olympus E-30 w/12-60
Olympus EP-2 w/Panny 20 MM
Olympus C-8080
Nikon D40 w/Nikkor 16-85 VR
Leica D-Lux 4
and the L1 with 14-50 OIS

myself I wasn't going to part with my:

E1 (with 11-22)
L1 (14-50)
KM 5D (various lenses)
Ricoh GRD
Fuji F31fd
KM A200 (with ACW-100)
and now after thinking abit more, I won't let go of my C7070, no way

So I will keep these as a proud collector. The photographer's side of me, the utilitarian side will focus on the 4/3 and the Minolta/Sony camp (grand-dad nostalgia)

I got my hands on an excellent condition E1 and I am totally in love now. All I read about the E1 is true, it's one fantastic piece of work. I wanted 1 (one only for now, I had just sold my 25mm pancake, my only 4/3 lens so far) very good piece of wide-angle glass with it so I put in a bid on a 14-50 PL as well as on a 11-22 Zuiko. Low bids that is and unbelievably I won both. Now only one can stay unless I am able to sell some other things quickly. Trying bot lenses on the L1 and the E1 this week-end. We will see.

Now to collectibg lesnes...well I won't even go into that, thsi si another thread.

Thans for reading this long post


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