season finale of HOUSE shot entirely with 5D2

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Re: Studio VS. Real World

So, what is illuminating the right side of the shooter?

It could be the wall, it's hard to see. The reflection in the protective glasses looks like a round reflector, but the apparent roundness could be caused by the glasses.

Why do you feel attacked, and are immediately attacking my person? Projecting a little?

Yamil R. Sued wrote:
I don't know what you're talking about, there is NO Reflector here!!

Maybe is because you DON'T know what you're talking about!!

This was shot DURING the USPSA Handgun Nationals in 2009, How can you use a Reflector during Competition??? The Competitors would not allow it!!

This was shot with a 70-200 form about 25 feet away, how can you use a reflector with someone shooting live ammo in your direction???

This is a good Camera with Good DR!!!

If you don't believe me??? Ask any to the top 20 Shooters in this squad!! this guy is National Champion David Sevigny, from Glock!!

Please, inform yourself before making foolish and stupid comments about photography!!

This forum never ceases to amaze me in the ridiculous and uninformed comments....

emeye wrote:
Nice photo of your reflector

Even with the gunner's shadow on it

In the gunner's shades.

Yamil R. Sued wrote:

Even in High contrast situations with no Fill Flash

In Bright Las Vegas Sunlight in Sept

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