Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

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Re: Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

Alek, I can understand perfectly how you feel. The unreasonable price of Pentax lenses, apart from kit lenses, is hard to swallow and will put pause to anyone thinking of expanding further their lens collection or buying any more Pentax gear like flashes and bodies, thereby sinking deeper in what seems a very expensive system if one gets more serious. It is almost like a trap. Hold on. Let me explain. Pentax need to understand that most of the new buyers were attracted by the value of its cameras. Great features and performances, but then they are shocked to find lenses costing hundreds of dollars and often more expensive than the major brands. The major brands of course offer many advantages like better lens lineup, more accessories, more support from independent providers, easy access to retailers, service, ... The travelling case is so clear. This is nothing like a 16-85mm for Pentax owners.

Now, there is another alternative, if it is mainly for travelling and you are prepared to accept the quality of an old 6MP D40. It seems you should also consider a good superzoom instead. You will have less weight to carry (considering the lenses you have to take along). Something like the Fuji HS10 will give you everything from 24-720mm, plus some nice features like Sony's swing panorama, a new people removing feature (to eliminate other tourists moving around the monuments you want to shoot). Another $500 camera like this is much easier to manage than changing to Nikon via an old camera. If you feel you will be getting more serious and Pentax cannot satisfy you, then you should get at least a D5000.

Roger, you are in trouble again. Those of us who do not just praise Pentax have to be very very careful. Everyone makes mistakes but we have to be 100% correct all the time or be ready to be lynched. On the other hand, many get away making claims about Pentax and suspect recommendations but get away all the time. For example, recommending Pentax for sport or action shooting in dark places.

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