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Just moved to Nikon

After years of Canon 1dmk2, 5d, and Canon cropped bodies, I just made the jump last week. It's all in the mail to me and it should start arriving in the next 48 hours.

I did shoot Fuji long ago when the S2 was the current model, then moved to Canon and have not looked further since. I was heavily invested in Canon glass and I took a financial beating to move, but I'm with Nikon now or rather, will be in a few days.

On order: D700+MB-D10, D90+MB-D80, Nikon 24-70 2.8 Nano, Nikon 70-300 VRII, sb-900. I plan to add another flash and something ultra wide soon. 99% of what I shoot are people, I'm a full time wedding/portrait/event/editorial photographer by trade.

I have read that some are using the d2x profiles in the d700. I plan to process in Capture One. The single most important consideration in "color" is skin tone. I love Fuji skin tones and I am a raw shooter only. Please advise the best path to achieve these skin tones.

At this point I still need some help on focusing modes. After reading and reading, I'm still a bit confused what might work best for me. My best "guess" to date is C, single AF, focus priority for the type of work I do. Please advise here as well. I don't need any focusing issues, it's why I left Canon for good.

I have shot about 100,000 digital images in my life and 0 on a Nikon. It will be an interesting week as I test this setup and I would appreciate some jump start settings and a path to achieve my desired goals.

I'll read the manual as I go along, use the search button and should I have questions but for now, what I "need" are user experiences, and not necessarily text books to get me started given the type of work I do.


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