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Re: Roland just once

RogerMexico wrote:

You, on the other hand, just talk and never ever back it up with your work.

Wrong. I have posted images here many times.

And I do have a link at the bottom of my images that goes to some of my images at Flickr. So in every message I write, there is a link to images by me.

You have never entered a challenge.

I have not found the challenges interesting to me personally, that is why I haven't entered them. I enjoy taking images, but not entering challenges of taking images in a certain way or for a certain theme.

My guess is that you are one of the hired Pentax shills (on retainer from Hoya) > that are paid to immediately counter anything that doesn't glorify the brand.

I am in here to share my experience with Pentax. It is true that I have a positive experience and I see nothing wrong writing about my positive experience. This may be a forum dedicated to negative experiencies, and a forum where positive experiencies are perceived as provocative and daring, but still - I have a positive experience with Pentax and I am sorry if I have to apologise for this or to defend myself for having a positive experience.

I am not hired by Pentax.
I got my first Pentax - the P30 - in 1988 as a gift when I graduated.

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