Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

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This doesn't make sense

I'm a Nikon user and don't own a single piece of Pentax equipment, but this doesn't make sense.

The K-x is a superior camera to the D40 in every way that I can think of. The Nikon will only AF with AF-S lenses, will not meter with manual focus lenses, only has three focusing points, has a tiny viewfinder, has no live view, has been replaced by three cameras (D40X, D60 and D3000) and has a sensor that was getting old even when the D40 was launched (inherited from the D50 that inherited it from the D70 that inherited it from the D100).

The lens comparison can be turned upside down by the flick of a coin. How about a 43mm f/1.8 or a 70mm f/2.4, both lenses that are perfect for travel? Nikon has nothing that even resembles them. The Nikkor 16-85 is excellent, but the Sigma or Pentax alternatives are rather good as well, and if you think your normal zoom has to start at 16mm, why not try to take a step backwards? Or buy the Pentax 14mm f/2.8, a lens that no others have (except the expensive, bulky FF varieties that won't take filters).

There are lots of nice things that can be said about Nikon, but when it comes to affordable travel cameras, it's not easy to compete with Pentax.

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