Mirrorless Cameras Due in May?

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Re: microscopes

Steve West wrote:

Hi Walt,

Glad to hear of another microscope person. Currently, I use a Nikon 4500. It screws onto the eyecup thread of a Leitz Periplan eyepiece.

I shoot mostly with Olympus microscope gear, though my field scope is the little Fisher. I've no problem about using regular SLR on my gear, most of my scopes have a camera port (except the field scope). Which means once set up and parfocal the camera viewfinder is not used at all.

Big problem with Sony past the a700 is that one is cut off from auto TTL metering, the cameras only work with chipped lenses in A mode. No problem with that with the a700 where one can turn off the lens check and use A mode. But it's the last Sony DSLR with that ability right now.

Not sure what the problem on remote, though I think I heard that some of the beginner level Sony DSLRs don't have the remote connection. The a700, of course does have remote connection.

We shall see if the Sony ILC's are useful here. I am not expecting even half advanced features in them, more like bridge cameras.


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