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Re: Progress!

thomasnb wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

Do you disagree with my position?

Well, I'm not quite sure I can agree that we should say "less blurry" instead of "more noisy", and "more blurry" instead of "less noisy" I think that the differences in noise and detail between the 40D and 50D images simply are too small to draw any general conclusions about pixel density. A bit of sharpening applied to the least noisy/sharp images could very well make the images almost indistinguishable.

Is the question being asked either to compare the 40D or 50D or to draw any general conclusions about pixels density? As I understand the OP, the question is how perceptually do you compare noise of different scales.

OK, but in that case I think that simulations like these by ejmartin are more useful.

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