Best way to get old master oil painting look in PS?

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Re: How did you made it?

Thanks Anfy. My workflow is rather complicated and maybe too hard to explain. But to summarize I used lots of layers. I used multiple masked layers of different filter effects for the subject and I also used many masked layers for the canvas.

Primarily I used Artistic filters like Paint Daubs (mainly for sharpening) then with that layer made others and applied Sponge, Smudge stick and another (or a couple) I cant remember (note: I always use low settings). Always masked the eyes except for the sharpened Paint Daubs layer. Then applied the different canvas textures.

Also applied the normal tools like Shadow and Highlights, Saturation, Curves etc. till I get the effects I wanted.

To finalize it I worked on the eyes a little and did a personal touched of dodge and burn and a little smudging.

A vague explanation but I hope it is enough to give you some ideas.


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