550D - Dead Pixels on images?????????

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Re: 550D - Dead Pixels on images?????????

dibs2010 wrote:

Guys -

I just got my brand new 550D DSLR 3 days back from Costco. Everything was going great but today while taking a picture at 3200, i noticed a small red dot, bang in the middle of the LCD (in live view). A dead pixel on my new t2i :(( My older A710IS P&S hasn't got any in the last 3 years of rough use. Anyways, i thought 1 in a million dots won't even make a ratio.

Is that a hot pixel on the LCD or on the image?

However, just to be sure that the damage is only 1 in a million, i did a test. I cleaned up my lense cover, put it back on the lense and took a snap (yes, with the covered lens). And then i zoomed into the image completely on the LCD itself and scanned the screen left to right and top to bottom. There are many many red, blue and white dots (shouldn't they be atleast green) scattered all over...clearly visible at 100% magnification... atleast 25-30 such dots maybe more. I cleaned the lens for 1 min (auto clean, i have no idea how to do that manually) but same results. What to do? 25 in million still don't make a ratio but they sure disturb me crazy. I know Costco has a 90 day return policy but do you think these many dead pixels are present on all new t2i's? Has anyone done a similar test as above?

That is called noise.

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