E-620 + my E-PL1? Is it worth it?

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E-620 + my E-PL1? Is it worth it?

The E-PL1 is my only camera and I'm very happy with it with a few exceptions.

A few months ago I sold all my Canon gear (including some "L" lenses) for weight reasons and invested in the M4/3 system. The E-PL1 serves me well for most of my photography needs, but I miss a few of the dslr features - the times when I need faster AF, dof and in low light situations where the E-PL1 struggles a bit. I like to do portraits, flowers with smooth bokeh and I've already purchased the Oly 35mm macro lens. It's quite slow on the E-PL1 - just about impossible indoors even with good available light. I've seen some beautiful images done with this lens, even on the E-P1/2, etc. However, I would like to have something a bit faster, especially for indoor shots.

I posted previously in the M4/3 forum that I was looking into a Canon XSi or XS to complement the E-PL1 for the above reasons. I almost got a great deal on an XS kit. However, someone suggested I check out the E-620 before making a final decision. The E-620 would be less expensive in the long run (share lenses).

Up until now I haven't given much consideration to the E-620 because the weaknesses seem to include higher ISO noise, and slow AF in low light which are the reasons I'm considering a small dslr. OTOH, I've also read some great owner reviews and posts (here). Obviously I read the dp review.

One more question......how is the OVF? Is it big and bright enough? IOW - Is it possible to work with just the OVF and TURN OFF the live view?

Another "pro" for E-620: I've always had a slight camera shake problem that almost never shows up on images, but because I'm getting older, the IBIS would be preferable now so I won't have to invest in IS lenses down the line.

There are some excellent deals on the E-620 now and it seems the stock is getting low, so I thought I'd come here to get some help.

I've checked the E-620 in a local camera store and like the feel, and it's light enough for me.

I'd really appreciate any comments, advice, input, etc. especially from anyone who has used the E-620.

Thanks folks!


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