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Re: Progress!

springbock wrote:

I agree with your characterization... "that the 40D and 50D pics in the demonstration are equally noisy, but that the 40D pics are simply more blurry." I think in reality this is an accurate and appropriate way of describing it. But you know these mathematicians, dpreview has quite a few of them. Theory is more important to them than reality. I think there are lots of people on this forum that math and science is their true love. I'm not even sure photography is a genuine interest to many of them.

You're tarring all the mathematicians with the same brush. There are many mathematicians and physicists who've presented the theory as to why you, Gena (and I) see it the way we do. Those that don't, the fallacies in their math can usually be found quite quick - that doesn't make it any more likely they'll accept the truth.

The strange thing here is that Gena was asking a question about perception, but people still feel the need to state a 'theoretical' (and wrong) answer.

Btw... when the 50D came out I posted many times links to "15" review sites that said the 50D had equal or less noise BUT more detail than the 40D at the same image size. Wow did that ever rub some people the wrong way, a fatwa was then issued and the fanatics went on a jihad :-).

But I bet they didn't have much math to support them, these people usually go on about the 'real world' then refuse to accept any real world evidence put their way.

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