Filters and CS5

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Re: Filters and CS5

RobertBarnett wrote:

I understand that. But, you all need to understand that sooner rather than later those plug-ins aren't going to work and sooner rather than later Photoshop will be 64-bit only. Premiere and After Effects are 64-bit only now. So it is only a mater of time. Especially since it is also only a mater of time before Windows is 64-bit only.


How long does it take a vegetable to start loosing its freshness? This happens in the amount of time it takes it to go from its victory party to its congressional office!

In that period of time there will be all 64 bit plug-ins...If you look at the percentages 64 vs 32 bit sold, i still think 32 bit wins...Maybe not anymore for photoshop cs5.....

3rd party plug-in developers aren't that fast anyway, save for a few...

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