Buying Lens in Canada Question

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RedValley wrote:

Stv wrote:

Good luck with your lens purchase into Canada, but I think in the short run, after all the conversions and net costs are calculated, I'd be surprised if you cleared (saved) maybe $50.00 CDN ! on the deal.

In the long term however, IMHO, it's always wisest to buy local. (Henry's)

I disagree. Again, my own case: Tamron 28-75 f2.8

=>   Henry's 630 + 5% GST = 661.5 CAD (don't know about the shipping)

=>   Lozeau (in Montreal) 630 + 12.87% (GST and PST) = 711 CAD

=>   B&H 472.28 (including shipping) + approx. 60 (GST+PST) = 532 CAD

So there's 179 CAD more expensive buying locally, which for me it's quite significant!

So you saved $130, but lost 6 years worth of warranty. True you may never need it, but one trip to the service center for that lens and your savings are gone.

Opps, I didn't notice this was an ancient thread someone bumped up...oh well.

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