600mm f/4 crazy bidding

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Re: 600mm f/4 crazy bidding

KevinJames wrote:

Minnesota_Steve wrote:

Kevin, I think you make the key point about the warranty.

New the lens is $10,300 with free shipping and likely a several month wait.
The RRS foot replacement - I guess a $100 or so.
The LensCoat I think $90 or thereabouts.

So roughly $10,500 completely new and a 5 year USA warranty. I read the rest - I think the lens is 2 years old so even if it was friend who handles the warranty process for you, there are only 3 years left. But since it is not transferable that is a problem for the rest of us. Usually to buy from a Hong Kong or Australian dealer you would get $500 off for a local 1 year warranty but no 5 year USA warranty. So the max one should pay for this is:

New - no 5 yr warrant, but local 1 year warranty $9,800

+ replacement foot, Lenscoat, sipping ($50 here) another $250

So $10,050.

The question then is, how much off of this would you take off for no warranty? That is the risk you are willing to take in case the item requires a repair. I think the seller has given a week or so to check it out.

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Steve, I think that's an excellent analysis that any bidder should go through in establishing his or her auction bid.

Assuming that one has established the "worth" of this offering to be $10,050, then one must ask, "What would be a good deal for me?"

If one thinks that $9850 is a "good deal," then he or she should bid that and be done. Getting caught up in last-second bidding wars will only lead to second thoughts and remorse.

Kevin (a different Kevin)

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