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Re: Roland just once

Apologies for coming off harsh before. I'm having a bad work day!

My point is that Roland's eye as a photographer is not relevant to this particular discussion. If Roland asserted that someone's photo looked bad, you may have a case that his opinion should be considered in light of his own lack of posted work.

This case, however, is about equipment.

Whatever you think of Roland as a photographer, he is very well informed about Pentax offerings and technology. Yes, everybody knows Roland is a big proponent of the Pentax system. That in itself does not invalidate his opinion.

What I was trying to say is that an ad hominem argument against Roland does not invalidate his points. There are many reasons for the O.P. to consider replacing his Pentax setup with a Nikon, including the obvious "he just likes it better." Roland was just debating some of the objections brought up by the O.P.

For some reason people need to explain their camera preference with tables, charts, reviews, and sales numbers. I happen to like Pentax because of the way the camera feels and the rendering of the lenses. It's not something that can be measured easily and it won't show up in an strictly objective review.

Folks that decide to move to other brands aren't evil or deranged. But they also don't need to convince the rest of us on the Pentax forum that their choice is somehow necessary.

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