Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

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Wow, didn't realized the Pentax Lens price are that EXPENSIVE

I was going to ask you why buy a Nikon D40 when you have a Pentax K-7 that isn't much bigger. Then I saw these prices you quoted in Switzerland:

Here's the price comparison here in Switzerland, prices are for factory new equipment:

N 16-85: 650$
P 17-40: 700$
P 16-50: 1170$

N 35/1.8: 255$
P 35/2.8: 640$

N 50/1.4 USM: 450$
P 55/1.4 SDM: 800$

N 70-300VR: 560$
P 55-300 : 430$

N SB-400: 130$
P AF200FG: 200$

Ouch! those prices are approaching Lecia/ Zeiss premium territory. I suppose the days of affordable Pentax prime and pentax lens are long gone

Now that Pentax makes the Best price/performance of any DSLR (both K-7 and K-x), the lens price has unfortunately gone up by quite a bit. Existing owners with many pentax lens must be happy with the inflation.

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