Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

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Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

My recent trip to Italy revealed shortcomings of my travel setup that currently consists of K-7 + 16-45 + FA 20mm/2.8 + occasionaly 50-200. I also recently acquired an excellent Tamron 28-75/2.8 but will probably limit it to portraits as it's not wide-enough to be of universal use.

The 16-45, as much as I like it is, a little short and on K-7 started showing its corner weakness which was not apparent on my previous K100D.
I definitely need a true wide-angle.
The built-in flash is underpowered for fill-in purpose in daylight conditions.

I also thought about getting a compact body for my girlfriend since many a time we would "fight" over the camera ot get "that" shot.

Looking at possible options I came to this: Get a Nikon D40 (250-300$ 2nd hand) + Sigma 10-20 (450$ 2nd hand) and/or Nikkor 16-85VR (500$ 2nd h.) + SB-400 flashgun (130$) + Nikkor 35/1.8 (250$).
Prices are in 1 Swiss Franc being approx. 1 USD.

In my idea to get a Nikon these are the deciding factors:

Excellent, light, tilt-head SB-400 portable flashgun for mere 130$ which can be left on camera anytime vs. pentax AF200: heavier, bigger, weaker and no tilt-head.

Very good 16-85VR not quite matched by anything in Pentax lineup. Please see the cost comparison below.

Nikkor 30/1.8 - no Pentax equivalent. And finally D40 - beautifuly compact, quiet shutter, 1/500 (!) flash sync speed and my beloved 6MP sensor. Do you really need more for travel?

Here's the price comparison here in Switzerland, prices are for factory new equipment:

N 16-85: 650$
P 17-40: 700$
P 16-50: 1170$

N 35/1.8: 255$
P 35/2.8: 640$

N 50/1.4 USM: 450$
P 55/1.4 SDM: 800$

N 70-300VR: 560$
P 55-300 : 430$

N SB-400: 130$
P AF200FG: 200$

Remember, we're talking a travel setup here. We all know Pentax has great primes that are effectively stabilized. I love my FA20, M28/3.5, K35/3.5, M50/1.7 and M85/2.

These are great lenses and a reason to keep my K-7 but Nikon seems to be much ahead in terms of affordable, versatile kit for no frills holiday shooting.

Tell me what you think, any suggestions, alternatives?



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