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The utility of noise as a measure of IQ.

Steen Bay wrote:

I'd say yes, a higher resolution image has more noise.

So, just so I have it clear: you are saying that the 50D images that I posted in the OP (and reproduced again below) are more noisy than the 40D images, right? Next question: which images are more pleasing, the 50D images or the 40D images?

If you agree with me that the 50D images are more pleasing, then you are in the difficult position of saying that "more noise" is "better than" less noise, which goes against "common wisdom".

Thus, if we have to qualify the conditions when "more noise" is more pleasing than "less noise", is noise a useful measure for decribing IQ? Or, is it more that we cannot talk about noise in a vacuum? That is, whenever we discuss noise, we must discuss rendered detail. But, if so, then that brings us full circle to noise amplitude and frequency, so why not simply always mention both when taking about noise?

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