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Re: Total noise power

Paul Beagle wrote:

pocketfulladoubles wrote:

This whole concept of noise magnitude, save for the technical thought experiment, seems ill-posed.

Yet people want to talk about 'more' or 'less' noise. And then, what is 'magnitude'? Is it 'amplitude' or 'power' or 'spectral density' or what? How does it relate to what we perceive?

You agree on a model with f(x1, x2, xn) variables, and hold all but one fixed at a time, and doing double-blind experiments with the question of "Is this noisy?" Find what is changing. Find what is dependant. Find a function to minimize the functional. Sounds like a whole PhD thesis to me. But this really is the point. Who cares what you can measure if your measurement has no meaning?

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