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Re: Why 24p?

I sometimes also use the Avid codec with mpeg streamclip. It works ok, but the files are extremely large, and I honestly don't see much difference in the end result.

I use VMS8 Plat Ed, which only has WMV templates to render to HD, no H264.

I refuse to upgrade to VMS9, because avchd support in VMS9 is basically an insult o consumers. 6fps in preview, hello? I just hope VMS10 will do better.

englishman wrote:

My procedure is the following:

1) Copy mov do hdrive
2) Use SUPER to transcode to Mpeg2 HD (1080i) 24p
3) Edit and render to mpeg 2 (1080i) in Vegas
4) Use Handbrake to convert to mpeg4

You are losing quality every time you convert your file. A good intermediate format will retain visual quality. AVID DNxHD, HuffyUV, Lagarith . . . these are considered, for the most part, lossless codecs.

And why are you converting to 1080i?

Additionally, you don't need to render your files in Vegas Platinum then re-render them in Handbrake. Vegas can render using h264 just like Handbrake. Your fourth step is completely unnecessary and results in further quality loss.

You should render to a lossless intermediate format then use the Sony AVC codec to encode using h264 in Vegas Platinum. Set the bitrate as high as you want to match the bitrate you're using in Handbrake. That's just 2 conversions instead of 3 and the first conversion is virtually lossless.

Check out this tutorial for conversion to an intermediate format using a visually lossless codec. If you try it, tell me if it works for you.

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