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Re: Why 24p?

That is very interesting. I'm a longtime Vegas user too, but not the pro version, but Vegas Movie Studio 8 Plat Ed.

I feel a strong need to point out that those scripts do NOT work with the Studio version (nor the latest Vegas HD for €30), because it won't accept the scripts.

My procedure is the following:
1) Copy mov do hdrive
2) Use SUPER to transcode to Mpeg2 HD (1080i) 24p
3) Edit and render to mpeg 2 (1080i) in Vegas
4) Use Handbrake to convert to mpeg4

I guess I'm having some quality loss, but hey, I like the result.
Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMZC_cEAc-M

24Peter wrote:

FWIW - I am a long time Sony Vegas user (currently running 8c. Pro.) It is a great program for editing video and audio. But... it does not handle .mov files well (some have reported that ver. 9d released earlier this week finally solves the .mov problem - we'll see.) For me, adding multiple .mov files to the timeline in Vegas 8 crashes the program (from what I understand, Vegas does rely on Quicktime to decode/preview .mov files which seems to hinder reliability/performance.)

What does work for me for both my 5DII & T2i video files is to use a script called "proxy stream" ( http://sony.vegas.1.free.fr/ ) to batch transcode the .mov to Sony MXF files (I use the HD 422 1920X1080 50Mbps setting - slightly larger files than the original .mov but really nice to edit and color correct.) Yes, it can be time consuming to convert numerous, large files (it generally takes 2 1/2 to 6 times real time on my Quad Core Q8300 6GB machine). But I get full, real time previews and no crashing. (Vegas only crashes for me when adding multiple .mov files to the timeline - proxy stream works by repeatedly adding only one .mov event to the timeline, transcoding it and closing the veg.)
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