28-105 AF-D Macro - A few alt. lens hoods, but more wanted.

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28-105 AF-D Macro - A few alt. lens hoods, but more wanted.

Hi All.

As most of us know, there just isn’t much to choose from in the way of FX lenses in this zoom range. This lens (when properly calibrated and functioning as designed) can do a very fine job on FX bodies (and it has a macro mode - one of my favorite aspects). However, the HB-18 is just not the answer for a versatile and protective lens hood.

Although I currently carry 2 DX bodies (D300 & D90), I’ve been buying FX lenses with the expectation of replacing the D90 with a D700. After searching this forum and checking with one of my vendors, I haven’t seen the right option for my needs. So I started this thread to share what I found and to possibly find a better hood option for the way I use this lens.

I use the Cotton Carrier with the two DX bodies. Most of the time with the D300 / 70-300 VR II on the front carrier mount and with the D90 / 28-105 on the side carrier mount. The key factors for me in choosing a lens hood for the 28-105 are:

1) I don’t use filters, so I need a longer, more protective hood.

2) I seldom go wide, so I can use a hood designed for about 50mm and above (on FX) and then remove the hood for the occasional wide shot. But, I still want to get the hood off quickly (like you can with the standard HB-18 hood).

3) I want the ability to put the lens cap on while the hood is on OR… have a hood that works well with a Lenscoat Hoodie.

Here are the alternative hoods that I found so far (none that fit all of my needs):

62mm screw in types (metal or plastic)…

Kalt metal


B+W metal for telephoto


Nikon HN-23 plastic

Nikon HN-24 plastic

62mm screw in types (rubber)…

Hoya rubber


B+W rubber


Food for thought… Are there any other Nikon lenses that were designed / manufactured in the same “era” as the 28-105 that use a 62mm filter and have the same type of lens hood mount? If so, what are they and what do their hoods look like?

If you have any other hood suggestions, please feel free to add them to this list.

Much thanks in advance,


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