Manual Focusing screen for 1D Mark IV

Started Apr 14, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Manual Focusing screen for 1D Mark IV

Good choices and one last tip: Brightscreen ships their screens with a hair-clip to hold the screen and release the catch at the top of the mirror box DON"T USE IT TO HOLD THE SCREEN! You will find that the screen pivots in the hair clip and can fall out VERY easily so use the canon screen clip/holder tool. Related to this is the fact that screens develop the craziest electric charge for attracting dust, so have some compressed air handy in a relatively dust free area. Work calmly, work with a plan, and try not to hesitate too much because that is when the dust jumps in the the mirror box and you put your eye up to a lightning bolt - don't panic WHEN this happens, it will and just be calm. I freaked out the first couple of times when I bought the brand new IIn and changed to the S screen and had problems. Now after changing screens so many times it usually goes smooth, so long as you don't use that retarded hair clip Brightscreen sends with the p222.

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