DIVU 2.0 versus 2.1

Started Oct 4, 2002 | Discussions thread
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William West Senior Member • Posts: 1,237
DIVU 2.0 versus 2.1

I downloaded the PDF manual for DIVU 2.1, and did a page by page
comparison of my hardcopy DIVU 2.0 manual, to see if any additional
features have been added to DIVU 2.1.

Summary of Findings: Unless DIVU 2.1 has corrections to internal
coding or modifications to make it work faster, the manual for DIVU
2.1 does not reflect any significant changes to the program, except
for the ability to select color space in the D7Hi camera.

Detail Findings:

Page 68 of 2.0: The paragraph repeated twice in D7i hard copy manual
is not showing in PDF DIVU 2.1 manual.

Page 78 of 2.0: DIVU 2.1 manual reflects option of being able to select
sRGB or Adobe RGB as original color space, versus D7i's unique original
color space.

Page 80 and 81 of 2.0: Example of "sRGB" in Color Preferences now
reflects "Original Color Space (sRGB)".

Page 81 of 2.0: Apple Monitor.ICC added to list of available
monitor profiles.

If you find any significant feature added to DIVU 2.1 over DIVU 2.0,
please let us know.



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