5DII used as video camera in HOUSE finale

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How video got into DSLRs

I work as a full time producer/writer/director with productions ranging from image and informational pieces for large national and international institutes and agencies to regional commercial work and live audience presentations. So the point is my work ranges widely.

That said, we work with any camera that works for the job, renting what we need. When the Canon's and Panasonics came out we bought a 5D. The reason was on low budget shoots, esp going to do some locked camera testimonials, it gave the image on the screen a better visual with its larger sensor and ability to slap a prime focal length on it, and not give us the typical small video sensor, news-at-six look. It's both easy and a pain to use. Easy from its form factor and hauling it around - a pain to do any follow focus, esp when on a Steadi. Panning is hardly ever done. Dollies are used. We use a little Glidecam with a slow move and there's no rolling shutter effect to contend with. On bigger shoots we most often use it as a second camera.

When we were researching the camera we asked mostly our colleagues and rental houses in the New England area. We understood that the real motivation to put video into these still cameras was based on news photogs being asked by their clients to do double duty and supply a piece of video of the event they were shooting for a publication's website or news oriented website. These news photogs started asking the various manufacturers about the possibility of having a pro camera shoot video just like the P&S cameras could. And here we are today. At least that's was our take-away of how these VSLR cameras came about. Panasonic has announced a true video camera in the m4/3 mount and Sony has announced it full frame video camera. So everything is in the proverbial "blender" at this point.

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