550 & video editing programs / PC specs?

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Lyle Aldridge Senior Member • Posts: 1,017
Aare these hardware issues?

Ivan Lietaert wrote:

I agree partially. Vegas Platinum will play the native mov files, but at a very low 6 or 7fps in the preview window, which makes precise editing impossible. That is issue one.

Issue two is the crashes. As soon as you start with longer projects (approximately 3.30minutes), and with more complex projects (several video tracks, more effects, transitions etc), Vegas will crash randomly (mostly during rendering). It also depends on which format you render to, but wmv (hd) is prone to crash.

Lyle Aldridge wrote:

NONE of these Vegas programs has required any re-encoding of .mov or .mp4 files in h.264. ... The files just load in the media pane and drop onto the timeline. I do have Quicktime installed, and I think that may be required for this to work, but that is not much of an issue.

Ivan, you now have me thoroughly intrigued. You plainly know far more than I do about this, so please bear with me - any input will be appreciated. I've been using these programs for several years, and never noticed most of these issues with any of three different versions of Vegas. My usage is far from constant, but my movies are usually 30-60 minutes (mostly the wife's dance troupe). There has been some occasional jerkiness in the preview window (very noticeable in dance clips when it happens), but it's never really affected edit-ability. I think I've had one system or the other hang during rendering a couple of times, and on one project I was never able to get the rendering to complete. Never had what I'ld characterize as a total crash. And the crash experiences with all the other NLEs, except for Pinnacle, were worse by orders of magnitude.

Are these perhaps hardware issues? That part of the OP hasn't received much attention. I recently upgraded my main system, and was frustrated that I couldn't seem to find a hardware compatibility list for Vegas. So I stumbled through, keeping my relatively ancient video card (ASUS/Nvidea GeForce 6200LE), because it seems to be working OK. The OS is Windows XP 32-bit with 4GB of 800mhz RAM in the DIMMs, but with the 512MB video card, XP/32 can only address 3.1GB of it. The processor is a quad-core, Phenom 9750. I'm displaying my preview window on a second monitor at the "Good(Full)" setting, via the video card's DVI port.

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