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Re: Thanks Rich. Re: Exif data & post-processing

Exif data...

...would be meaningless since, as mentioned a couple of times already, a lot of these > images are blended (mainly for DR).


Also as mentioned in previous responses, I always shoot RAW/NEF (never Jpeg) so > yes, post-processing is part of my routine. Every time.

The only thing these images have in common with each other, pp-wise, is that I > used the same tools: ACR4.6 and PSCS3. But my processing steps were not > identical. Each image has its own unique set of challenges that needs to be > addressed individually, through a series of decisions at every step, until the final > looks exactly like the image I had in mind when I triggered the shutter release in the > field.

You could e-mail me in private and I will do my best to remember what the main > challenges were for each image and what decisions I (probably) made when I first > developed it (approx 6 months ago) but be warned that this would be akin to asking > a painter to remember and explain ... e.g. how many brush-strokes he used, and > why, to get the skin color just so, on a model's face. That is the kind of question > best answered in a studio, at the moment when these decisions are being made.

My best post-processing advice is to familiarize yourself with the key Photoshop tools > and techniques for adjusting the four main elements of a photograph: light, > composition, contrast and color, then use these tools to make each image look as > you want it to look before you share it with anyone else as your work.

Best wishes

Couple of thoughts come to mind.

1.) Actually having the EXIF data would tell me a lot.

2.) Quit over-complicating the essence of image acquisition and post-processing. I'm an accomplished and sought after photographer and yes, I get paid for it too.
3.) Get over yourself and your self-promotion.

4.) Comparing yourself to a painter is laughable. Knowing how to use PS is a far cry from being an artist, but somehow you managed to convince yourself to the contrary.

5.) What you did is what many photographers would consider cheating, in that, you are altering the original acquisition into something quite a bit different than the original. You are better off calling yourself a PS artist than a photographer.
6.) Let me put in an easel in front of you and see how well you do.
7.) I didn't read the responses here. Sorry to disappoint you.

8.) Thank you for the condescending tone here. That's what I needed - a lecture on how to take pictures and use PS.

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