550 & video editing programs / PC specs?

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Re: 550 & video editing programs / PC specs? Burn to DVD or BluRay?

bengcat wrote:

To clarify, I'm want to burn these to disk for the long term media storage. For two reasons 1) for backing up the edited movies 2) for easy playback in my DVD or Blu-ray player (OK I don't have a Blu-ray player yet - but see them under $100 now).

I am storing all video files (mostly H.264 in MP4 container) to the media server enabled NAS (Buffalo Linkstation Pro). Backup copies of these video files are done by burning video files as such on DVDs. Hence I do not need to perform rather complex DVD authoring process and I can place video files in different formats (e.g. H.264/MP4 and MPEG2) without rendering.

Normally I am watching videos using Playstation 3 through its' media server client, i.e directly from NAS. But I can also put a backup DVD into PS3 and select a video file from the disk. The same can be done also done in any PC. And no need for expensive Blue-ray blanco disks and really expensive blue-ray burner.

What I loose here compared to video DVDs is the DVD menu, I have to select video to be played using its' file name.

I am not aware whether cheaper blue-ray players can show content of data DVDs and what media containers they support (MOV, MP4, ...), but I would suggest to investigate this or to invest on PS3 since it is still one of the best blue-ray players, cheaper than most of the players and provides much more.

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