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Re: skanter - does Power Director need to be encoded into AVI 1st???

007peter wrote:

Wow, thanks for that heads up. Having encode everthing into AVI before editing would also ruin it for me. With that being said, vegas is out for me.

Encoding the files beforehand is an easy, fast process (really). I also thought it would be a deal-killer but it's not. There are codecs that do a visually lossless conversion, and it's fast.

I use Avid DNxHD. I batch convert. So, if I'm going to be using 10 video clips for my final video, I grab them all, run them through the process (usually just a few minutes - very fast) then I have my files to edit. No problem. I then delete those files when I'm done. It's such a fast, easy process that I wonder why it puts people off so much. AND (this was originally the deal-killer for me) the conversion is visually lossless. So . . . the files show no degradation whatsoever. This was my big worry. But with that worry out of the way, there's really no reason to limit yourself to any certain editor. If you have questions feel free to ask me.

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