If you cant get closer... get a cropped sensor.. magic!

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clearly pixels per duck is the only thing that makes sense in this case

Robsphoto wrote:

bronxbombers wrote:

strictly speaking it's not the crop but the density that matters

for instance a 5D2 has just as much reach as a 20D and more than a 1D2

and a 40D only has a trace more reach than a 5D2 but noticeably more than a 5D

a 7D has noticeably more reach than a 40D

a 5D2 has a lot more reach than a D700

a 7D has more reach than a D300S


(assuming enough light to get fat shutters, etc. to capture detail at best of each sensor's abilities)

You say above, for example, that a Canon 7D has noticeably more reach than a Canon 40D. However, both these cameras are APS-C cameras, which have a crop factor of about 1.6.

Therefore, when, for example, a 300mm lens is attached to these cameras, they both produce a field of view that is provided by a 480mm lens on a full frame camera, such as the Canon 5D MKII. So, with this example, I would say the “reach” of the 7D and the 40D is about the same.

However, the pixel density of the 7D (in pixels per linear centimetre) is nearly 33% greater than that of the 40D (2325 vs 1751). I realise it depends on how you define the term “reach”, but I don’t consider in this example that the 7D has 33% greater “reach” then the 40D, it simply has 33% greater pixel density.

Comparison of the pixel density and pixel size of two APS-C cameras

true but since nobody uses them as monoculars who cares what the FOV you see through the VF is? and since you are distance limited and need to cut off the edges anyway who cares about FOV once again.

what matters in this cases is number of pixels per ducks and that is the reach clearly in question when someone asks this sort of question

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