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Re: iPad International use ???

The original post by Stewart McKInlay:

Bought my iPad in USA. then brought it home to UK. Machine was preconfigured to use iTunes store and App Store in USA. I have set the store to UK region and my Apple account settings are saved in the machine. The message App Store not available in this country appears and of course no connection. I have been told that this will work after UK launch date, does anyone know if this is the case?

I posted the following reply:

First of all, you can purchase a whole load of iPad apps through iTunes 9.1 on your OSX Mac or WinPC -- in fact, I have already started to download iPad updates to the apps currently installed on my iPhone.

What you can't do at the moment is buy iBooks, simply because the copyright issues for the US & UK are different -- the same thing happened with music and video.

iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) are not yet available anywhere outside the US, but will be available the same time that Apple releases the iPad to the rest of the world.

Although the system-wide functions are already localised as on the iPhone and iPod Touch, I would imagine that Steve's little helpers are busy localising the iWork apps so that you can spell "colour" instead of "color". Don't forget also that you will have dictionaries on iPad now and on iPhoneOS 4 in the summer, so there's probably still more work to be done before International launch.

Feedback from Stewart McKInlay (the original poster):

Update....Apple have responded to my question assuring me that when the iPad officially releases in UK then the App Store will be supported for my device. My device although purchased in USA is tied to a UK account. So the news is good.....er well mostly good!

… Another issue is iBooks my understanding is that it will not be available in UK at launch. This is because of rights issues which differ here from USA, where IBooks has already launched and is up and running.

Most of the comments attacking Apple are knee-jerk reactions from those who hate Apple, don’t want to answer the original question, and lead the discussion to irrelevant matters.

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