550 & video editing programs / PC specs?

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Re: 550 & video editing programs / PC specs? Burn to DVD or BluRay?

I use Cineform Neoscene to edit the MOV files from my Canon 5D2 - my 550D is arriving this week - but the format is exactly the same for both cameras.

The Neoscene converts the MOV into AVI files which can be edited easily on any PC with pretty much any software. I am using Windows Moviemaker on Vista64 (Quad core 8Gb RAM) and the AVIs play fine but MOV does not play smoothly.

I've added some info about the Canon 550D video editing workflow on my blog as I had problems last night with the conversion of files having shot at 25fps with the new firmware on the 5D2 which gives the same frame options as 550D.

I spent a long time trying to work out the best way to edit and now it seems to work fairly well. Feel free to get in touch with any questions if it isn't clear.


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