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Thanks Rich. Re: Exif data & post-processing

Rich_ K wrote:

Exif data for each and any post-processing?

Hi Rich.

Exif data...

...would be meaningless since, as mentioned a couple of times already, a lot of these images are blended (mainly for DR).


Also as mentioned in previous responses, I always shoot RAW/NEF (never Jpeg) so yes, post-processing is part of my routine. Every time.

The only thing these images have in common with each other, pp-wise, is that I used the same tools: ACR4.6 and PSCS3. But my processing steps were not identical. Each image has its own unique set of challenges that needs to be addressed individually, through a series of decisions at every step, until the final looks exactly like the image I had in mind when I triggered the shutter release in the field.

You could e-mail me in private and I will do my best to remember what the main challenges were for each image and what decisions I (probably) made when I first developed it (approx 6 months ago) but be warned that this would be akin to asking a painter to remember and explain ... e.g. how many brush-strokes he used, and why, to get the skin color just so, on a model's face. That is the kind of question best answered in a studio, at the moment when these decisions are being made.

My best post-processing advice is to familiarize yourself with the key Photoshop tools and techniques for adjusting the four main elements of a photograph: light, composition, contrast and color, then use these tools to make each image look as you want it to look before you share it with anyone else as your work.

Best wishes

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