What the heck? Called local store to buy flash 430 EX II $460

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You Gotta Love Open and Free Markets!

And the most wonderful thing about free capitalism... you can shop/spend money where ever you want. No one is going to force you to buy from your local camera store if you don’t want to.

I remember when I received my 70-200L f/2.8 IS lens from B&H. I took it to the local store...not to rub it in their faces that I had bought it cheaper from another vendor over the internet, because I had told them that's what I was going to do. I went there to simply share in the excitement of having a really cool lens. And we had a nice time talking photography stuff... and then, you wanna know what I did?

I bought a really nice Circular Polarizing filter from them to put on the lens.

You betcha! You can still support your local business establishments…in small ways.

Like I commented on before, for me it’s a symbiotic relationship. For me personally, I wouldn’t get into a debate with the sales person behind the counter, or the owner. I smile, and simply say, “Thanks for the time, I might be back for something else later on.”

IMHO, I wouldn’t take it so personal that the local store is charging more; it’s not like they searched and found your name in the phone book and are singling you out. Face it, there are a lot of other things to worry about like:

  • shutter speeds,

  • ISO,

  • bad light,

  • dead batteries,

  • full memory cards.

Best Regards, Mike

ErikaRuth wrote:

Oilman wrote:

It is unlilkely that the store is ripping you off. That is what they have to charge to make ends meet. The niche stores, like photography stores or stereo have an obsolete business model and really can't compete with the Internet. Running an Internet business is far cheaper than running a brick and mortar store. Add in the volume discounts that the big internet providers get, no sales tax, and the small camera store is pretty much hosed. Houston has over 5 million people in it. Other than the chains, which largely stock junk, it has exactly TWO dedicated camera stores.

And everyone complains about their prices. If one of the largest cities in the country can only support two serious camera stores - that should tell you something

I'm fine with $20 over LIST PRICE, but $150? Yes, sorry, that is a rip off. I'm not talking $150 off lowest price on the internet, I'm talking $150 over LIST. That is just idiotic.

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