PZ-1p vs MZ-S ???

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Yes, PZ-1P is fully functional with DA lenses and MZ-S will only give you shifteable Program or Tv. I've tried the 70/2.4 on MZ-S yesterday. Yes, there is no custom function to make it Av, so I just put it in Program and turned the wheel till I got the desired aperture. I like the two wheel interface better, but honestly didn't see much difference. Question of personal preference; many people are happy with one-wheel bodies. For me, it's the only experience with a single wheel and I have to say it was unexpectedly non-issue. I still love MZ-S and can only regret that I will probably never use it again. I think the camera is a small jem. For me the main advantages were the surprisingly efficient and very powerful AF (BTW, in normal lighting speed was on par with the best Nikons and Canons of the time by PP testing and still very fast by modern standards), reliable exposure, very smooth shutter allowing me to pull long hand-held exposures w/o visible shake - and just the physical pleasure of holding the sleek sturdy body. For portraits I also prefer the off-center AF points of MZ-S - PZ-1P has only the center. MZ-S has only linear sensors, but they are so sensitive, thet in real life shooting I almost never had to tilt the camera to make it work.

FWIW on KEH MZ-S goes for anywhere from $300 to $500 - better than Nikon F100, and PZ-1P for a bit more than $100. This might be an argument in both directions, obviously

Somebody commented on MZ-S burning the batteries. Sorry, no offence intended, but it's nonsense - something is wrong with the specific body. Mine would last forever on rechargeables (I prefered it with the battery grip) and I've never seen this complaint about burning the lithiums after single rolls before. As to on-film printing of the data being overexposed - the brightness can be adjusted via custom functions.

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