550 & video editing programs / PC specs?

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Re: 550 & video editing programs / PC specs? Burn to DVD or BluRay?

To clarify, I'm want to burn these to disk for the long term media storage. For two reasons 1) for backing up the edited movies 2) for easy playback in my DVD or Blu-ray player (OK I don't have a Blu-ray player yet - but see them under $100 now).


Sivashankar wrote:

In theory, you can burn a 1080p video in a DVD. Just that you cannot record an hour-long movie in it.

If you're looking for playback on a computer, a DVD is fine. But, if you're looking at playback on a TV, your options are limited. Instead of pumping $s in a blu-ray DVD player, you can record the information in a DVD and copy the stuff to a really-large USB drive and stick it to your plasma TV. Methinks, many HDTVs support at least a USB port or a HDMI input. With HDMI input, you have a lot more options. You don't need a blu-ray to transfer the video.

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