I wish the 28mm module would come sooner! Now!

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Thanks Harold!

Your post is so full of usable info I feel better about the camera.

After spending a "G" on it I hope it is me because I will diligently follow your advice.

As far as the Contax goes--So What! Your mileage varies. I reported my experiences and I dont discount or disparage yours.

Thanks sincerely. I was hoping you would shed some light on this issue for me and you came through very well.

Harold66 wrote:

dovi wrote:

I hope they take whatever time they need to sort out the focusing issues before unleashing another product. I also hope they find a way to retroactively fix the focus issues for the early adopters. It is a nice camera once you learn to work around it. This is a bad focus example from the grx:

I used an "old" contax G1 film camera and was astounded by the Instantaneous focusing speed after using the GRX for one week. I picked up that camera and two lleneses for half the price of the grx. I like the GRX but Ricoh has to step their game up.

Strange , strange indeed
First of all , on the pic you posted , nothing is in focus

Maybe you have your GXR set to Multi AF and enable macro focus , or maybe you had full snap press ON and it focused on snap focus when this is not what you wanted to because in a scene like you had , it is very unlikely that the GXR could not focus

There has been many , many posts about the so-called slow AF . while the AF is not as fast as one of a DSLR, I find the AF to be quick enough in most situations with TWO exceptions macro focusing when handheld and close focus in dark situations

Your posted pic does not fit any of the above so I suspect it is more an error on your part than a GXR failure

Secondly , the GXR can have slow AF but when it does focus , its really accurate , simply because contrast AF is more accurate than phase detection

Lastly , I have to say that I also find your reference to the Contax G1 very odd to say the least. I had Contax G1 and G2 and while they were impressive little film cameras in more ways than one , they had a very unreliable AF . As a matter of fact , I think I never got as many out of focus pictures than with these contaxes


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