30D Still Hanging In There

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Fresh 30D user reflections. Re: 30D Still Hanging In There

I was perspiring over the decision between the 40D and the 50D, neither of which would leave me much money for a decent lens, when I found a second hand 30D. I bought that, and a new EF 50/1.8, and started hunting for a second hand EF 17-40/4. I found one this last friday, for double the money I paid for the 30D. All together this cost me about as much as a new 500D kit. I am very satisfied, so far. The body is big enough to suit my hands, feels solid and gives me good IQ, and I like the 17-40 very much, even if it would be nice if it were smaller.

For me, this is a very good starting point for taking up photography after fifteen years, I have a lot to learn again and a lot to unlearn from my film experience. Handling of AF (which I never had before, I used Leica M:s and Hasselblad) and DOF is my challenge now, and I think it will be quite some time before I feel that the camera is limiting me.

Happy shooting.

Johan, Sweden.

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