550 & video editing programs / PC specs?

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Re: 550 & video editing programs / PC specs?

Depends on what your budget is. Looking at your choice of 550D, I'd presume you want to shoot & file videos of the family, outings, and maybe, some scenery?

If so, I'd recommend you not to plump in a lot of money on the video editing s/w and h/w.


Converter: You need a good quality converter because the .MOV files produced by 550D is H.264 encoded. You'd want to convert it to some other format so final video rendering doesn't take a heck of a lot of time. You have a few options here: Quicktime Pro is relatively cheap at ~$30. There's a very good free software though. It's called 'SUPER'. Just look it up in your search engine.

Video Editor: For casual video editing, Premiere Elements or Corel VideoStudio should suffice. I found the latter much easier to use though. If you're a mac user, iMovie is more than good enough. Again, I found a very good s/w for approximately $60. It's called AVS video editor. It's features and ease-of-use are kickass. I'd recommend you to download the free trial and try it out before you buy. But, I've heard grumbling from few folks on the licensing model for this software. So, watch! I also tested Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and Windows Live Movie Maker. Adobe s/w is very good but has an incredibly complex UI for casual video editing. LMM is very easy to use but has very limited functionality. To use LMM, you can either use SUPER to convert your .MOV files to .WMV/.AVI that LMM understands or download K-lite codec pack so LMM can directly work with the .mov files.

H/W: Full HD requires capable hardware. I was able to edit and produce Full HD movies easily in my laptop that has Core2Duo 2.7ghz, 4GB RAM, and 128Gig SSD Hard drive - a Dell Latitude E6400.

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