Hay...where's the 1DsmkIV ??

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Re: Hay...where's the 1DsmkIV ??

Ludovic Monchat wrote:

Normally it was likely to be unveiled shortly after the 1DmkIV...

I would be interested to see how it will compete with MF in terms of IQ and above all I'm interested in the lenses that will be launched with it. Because of his possible insane pixel density, new glass shold be darn good ;0)

And because the Ds is the big brother of the 5D, we will thus have a idea of what will be arriving next
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Maybe this time they r holding on to test it properly before releasing it to public. Canon can hardly afford to have another new pro camera with hardware or software issues on release as they had with the 1ds mkiii and 5d mkii, at least I hope so.

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