The Sony dSLR Forum is become more and more a ridiculous place on the net

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The Sony dSLR Forum is become more and more a ridiculous place on the net

I'm from the Netherlands and today I saw a post on a dutch forum (, where we also discussed about Sony's course now and then), and someone wrote the following:

"Among all the cry babies at the DPreview forum I actually found a interesting thread concerning the Tokina 11-16...... bla bla bla" ..... etc

then he wrote:

"But what a bunch of crying babies on that forum nowadays; 'boehoe they will abandon us, they betrayed me, it will never get better, sniff..... sniff'. Go and make some nice pictures instead of crying about your gear all the time!"

And my thought was; yeah exactly, what are all the people in this forum crying about, sony has a very nice and rather complete line-up of lenses, and ofcourse you can't have everything, but that is the case with every brand out there!

Ok so what is it then? Oh right the body's, Sony fails to deliver a A700 replacement....yesterday! Like all the people who are crying here will buy that hypothetical camera the day it comes on the market.... I dont think so.

If I look at some of the great pictures that are posted here (from new and older models alike) I don't really see a reason why the Sony Alpha line-up deserve such a huge pile of sh*t poured over them.

I know a guy that shoots with some really expensive canon glass and still uses a 20D, and gets crazy results.

The whole discussion that doesn't concern photography but rather technical thingies on this forum, what is it all about; what you mis, or what you need?

Get out there, make great photo's and above all; enjoy your effort!

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