Yes and No

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Yes and No :)

lovEU wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

My grandfather preached - focus on the subject and close the aperture as much as practical. I still think his approach works best for me.

Your "as much as practical" left me thinking. I see three scenarios where one has to decide different about the aperture:

1) Maximize DoF
2) Minimize DoF
3) Determine a defined amount of DoF around the subject

As for 2) it means to use the biggest aperture suitable.

but taking possible focus errors and subject movements into account. Background isolation was considered mostly a composition thing, not a lens aperture function. I still maintain the same for most part. If you would see the studio he made - it was a huge long "greenhouse" type structure.

In case of 3) I think an approach based on H.M. Merklinger will do (E = s : d * D).

To an extent, yes. However mostly what he was saying - maximize the useful DoF.

Would you argue that “the most distant object” just belongs to your “subject” when max. DoF shall be achieved?

Yes, it belongs to the subject.

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