Minolta 24mm vs sony 16-35mm at 24mm comparo

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Re: Minolta 24mm vs sony 16-35mm at 24mm comparo


My initial microadjust was around -14. It is now -6. Focus is now spot on on the wire. Another potential problem is that many may be assuming the redwood on the left of the picture and the pine on the right are the same distance from the camera. In fact they are not. From the camera to the target is 40', to the redwood 44' and to the pine 31'. I know this makes it harder to evaluate because the whole picture is not symmetrical but that's the way it is. It's better just to assume that both lenses are doing as well as they can on similar shots and then look at the performance.

This time I've added my leica 35-70 f4 Kyocera into the mix at 35mm and taken a small set of f8 shots from each lens at about 5' from the target.

I'll start a new topic for the latest tests.

BTW there is no sharpening on the pics either.


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